Hi, I’m going to address GoFundMe rewards in this post. Unfortunately, I have undergone a bit of stress in the past week and the deadlines for the rewards aren’t something I need to worry about right now. 

DEADLINE FOR YOUR REWARDS TO GET TO YOU —> Due to current events (which you can read in the last post) I’m asking that you give me at least until December to make good on your rewards. Again, I want to extend my thanks for donating and making the trip available to me on such short notice.

DONATION REFUNDS —> If the return time of December is unacceptable to you I will be offering refunds. No questions asked. I can start issuing refunds as soon as October. I will be issuing all refunds through Paypal. To receive a refund just send a small, impersonal message with the title “GoFundMe Refund” and include your Paypal e-mail address in the body of message.

You have no need to feel guilty about taking your money back. I completely understand your choice. Your donation still helped me buy the ticket when i had no resources, so you still helped me a lot whether or not you take your money back. Since I have a job, I can pay you back out of pocket.

I know it probably seems bizarre the amount of misfortune that happened to me in the past month, maybe even unbelievable. I can hardly believe it myself. If you need, I can retrieve medical records to address any questions.

Explanation of my status 2 (Crossposted from my GoFundMe page)

Hello to my supporters and to those of you who are following my story.

I’ve recently returned back to Japan for work. My trip to the United States took place between August 1st and August 18th. I want to thank all of you for supporting my mother and I, and for making this trip a possibility.

Unfortunately, the trip was tragically interrupted by some new developments in my mother’s mental state. She was hospitalized twice during the course of the trip and remains hospitalized now. Previously, I withheld some details of my mother’s condition because I was concerned about privacy. Now the condition has progressed to a point where even extended family has become aware, so I feel slightly more comfortable about divulging this information. You guys need some more info on the situation, and I feel I owe it to you to tell you the truth.


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Explanation of my status (Crossposted from my GoFundMe page)

Hello, everyone!  I am flying to North Carolina to visit my mother in a few days. My splint is off and I am easing into drawing again.

I want to extend a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that helped make this trip possible. I’ve now closed this webpage to new donations. My plane is booked and I will be leaving to visit my mother on August 1st. I’m really touched by all of your support. I hoping this trip will be a positive experience for my mother and lift her spirits somewhat. Please continue reading, I want to expand on a few things regarding rewards, my mother’s condition, and my own condition.

1. Rewards——————————————
Some of you are expecting doodles, paintings, and sketchbooks. I initially planned to get started on these rewards before the funding was officially over. In fact, I had set aside June and July as the months I would be working on reward projects. Unfortunately, things came up and this wasn’t possible (for more information on why, please continue on to point 3). Those of you who I owe a reward, I will be contacting you by e-mail shortly. I would like to personally discuss deadline expectations with you. I will do my best to work with your personal needs. I realize I never specified a deadline in the reward conditions, but I’d like to see that your rewards are received in a reasonable time frame.

I sincerely apologize that your rewards aren’t coming to you in a timely manner. I’m trying to organize my priorities so that I can finish them as soon as possible. I am very grateful with your patience. 

2. My mother’s condition——————————————
Multiple Sclerosis. This is a very enigmatic condition, which varies from person to person. I want to explain a little more about why I am doing this for my mother and what she is experiencing right now. 

This year, my mother was involved in terrible car accident which sent her into a Multiple Sclerosis flare-up. She has lived with Multiple Sclerosis for several years, but she didn’t know it. The doctors found scarring on her brain and in her neck/spinal cord. This flare-up has been her worst yet, and it still hasn’t left. While she is now receiving the treatments, it’s likely that her MS is in a progressive stage. I have no idea how fast it will progress, but it’s possible my mother will develop complications with eating, walking, and thinking clearly.

MS leaves my mother extremely tired and she doesn’t have much energy to go out much or even clean up her own house. In addition, it has caused crippling depression and anxiety for her. This has impacted her relationships and her ability to cope with stress. There are some aspects of this that I won’t delve into for privacy’s sake, but the anxiety makes even maintaining good relationships with doctors difficult. Her social groups and support groups are small, and she stays at home alone for long periods of time. This is why it was so important to me that I be able to visit her. I have maintained a good relationship with my mother, and can often be a voice of support, but living in an opposing time zone can be hard and makes it difficult for her to contact me.

I hope this trip brings her some positivity!

3. My own condition——————————————
You’ll probably notice I’ve been relatively quiet on Tumblr since my post concerning this campaign. And that so far I’ve only been able to finish 1 reward. The reason for that I broke my arm. My right arm. Yeah, the one I use to draw. Phenomenal timing, right? I’m personally really upset about it. On top of donation rewards, I have a lot of illustration projects coming up that have to be finalized by October. Thanks to my broken arm, I’ve made progress on none of these. I apologize that this happened and again, I apologize that your rewards aren’t coming to you in a timely manner.

Since I don’t have a car, I usually commute to work by bicycle. Coming back from work, I moved onto the road to avoid some pedestrian congestion. When it tried to move back onto the side walk, the front tire didn’t cooperate. The ledge of the sidewalk wasn’t that high, but for some reason my wheel wouldn’t go over it. The bicycle flipped over and I tried to brace my fall with the flat of my palm. My elbow gave out and I sustained an abdominal head facture of the elbow. I’m still in disbelief that one of my worst injuries was sustained by falling off a bike… but it happened.

So, yeah, I literally just fell off a bicycle and broke my arm. I initially thought I probably just pulled the muscle something but when the pain didn’t go away for two weeks, I went to the Hospital. A CT scan revealed I had fractured the abdominal head in my elbow, which is a pretty big problem area in terms of being able to move your arm and wrist. I had to put my arm in a splint and I was unable to write or draw of around two whole months. I only recently was allowed to take the splint off.

My arm likely won’t fully recover until 3 months from now, but I can draw and write more or less painlessly so I’m planning to move forward with all my projects. It was rotten timing and I’m a bit stressed about falling behind. But I will get things sorted soon! Please bear with me!

Thank you all so much. 

Not dead. Broke my drawing arm.

Hey guys! Just updating to let you know I’m not dead. I broke my elbow three weeks ago and I have not been able to draw because my right arm is on a 90 degree splint. It’s not a terrible break… but since it’s my radial head I likely will never be able to hyper extend my elbow again (I used to be able to :’( )  I didn’t need surgery but I had to immobilize my arm for several weeks so the bones could heal properly.

I go back to the hospital Wednesday and hopefully can take it off! Expect a flood of Devil Survivor fanart afterwards

edit: for those of you wondering why it’s because I fell while riding a bike and tried to brace my fall by sticking my palm out. Elbow gave way.

Thank you for donating, Kels! This is his postcard illustration. He asked for his cat, Junpei.

paintchat princess twilight



I’ve changed plans to sell this collaboration book alongside a Shin Megami Tensei event that will take place at Comic City Spark 9. This is the final decision on the sale date and the deadline will not be extended again. So, artists, mark your planners and get your work in by the August 4th 2014. I will be checking in at the end of the month by e-mail to see how everyone is doing. 


1) Does this change the sale date of the book?
Indeed it does. The book is going to be sold in October (the 12th of, specifically) but online international orders will go up as early as September.

2) I am an artist. Can I submit my work early?
YES!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially if you are doing comics, I would love to have your work early. Since this is a bi-lingual comic (English and Japanese) I need time to translate your pages and to layout the translated text somewhere on your comic pages. The earlier you get it in the easier that makes it for me. (Note: Please don’t post your comic online until after the physical sale date).

3) I missed the original submission deadline, can I still contribute?
If you have an interesting comic proposal, email us. We won’t be accepting any more illustrations or 4komas.

4) Has anything else changed?
Nope! It’s still being sold in Tokyo, just at a different time. Remember to keep your comics right to left (Japanese style) and draw at 300 DPI at an A4 canvas size. Well be going through and updating any outdated information accordingly.

For other questions, send them to daichiantho(@)gmail.com

From paint chat

reminder that I have a non-art blog and sometimes I post photography there —> 8bitbadblogs

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I’m almost at my donation goal!!! Thank you so much to all of you. This is going to mean a lot to my mom and hopefully provide a brief getaway from the medical nightmare she’s been dealing with. I’m sorry these examples aren’t great, but I threw them together quickly after I realized I couldn’t offer digital through gofundme. Your finished piece will be a lot more detailed and be on a sheet of A4 (or slightly larger) bristol board. And if you order the $50 option I will utilize a lot more color than just two markers. Prices include shipping.